OUTFIT DETAILS: Minnetonka boots, GoodWill dress, Flea market/Ebay accessories, JCPenney earrings, Thrifted belt.
Fall is here! Fall is here! Aren't you all just overjoyed?! Clearly I am. ;) After taking these photos I realized that I really had a Pocahontas vibe going on here. Which doesn't bother me in any way because she is my favorite princess ever. Also- I'm a brunette again! The somewhat natural ombre was nice during the spring/summer months, but I always love to go dark when fall/winter hits.
I'm not sure if you can tell by these photos (i'm good at hiding it apparently!), but I have been extremely sick for the past four days (blehck) with my POTS and a super sore throat. I could hardly talk when I woke up this morning! I know they are both flared from the changing season, but being sick has made me eat a lot less, and I think I might have lost some weight! I feel more confident about my body (I haven't gotten a scale or measured myself.. doh!) but as long as I feel more comfortable with the way I look then that's all that matters to me.


Friday Favorites


That's the glory of life.

This incredible love story in 22 pictures. I cried so hard!

Introverted life.

This beautiful photograph


These silly fall memes

So so beautiful.



Weigh In Wednesday

First off: I can't thank you guys enough for the support and amazing tips from last WIW! I have really taken them into account and I have tried so much harder.

Current Weight: ??? Still no scale!! Haha.

These past two weeks, I'm feeling a bit more confident about my eating habits and my cooking abilities! I've set out 3 days of the week to cook healthy meals (easy enough to start with, right?) and the rest of the days I either eat left overs or eat Subway :). Sunday is our treat day- when we can go out to eat with our families after church and eat whatever we want (and have a dessert, too! [[hence my recent huge ice cream photo on instagram, lol]]) So far I have cooked wheat pasta spaghetti, hamburger helpers made with ground chuck, Philly cheese-steak sandwiches, baked lemon pepper chicken drumsticks with mac-n-cheese, baked fries, baked pork chops with homemade mashed potatoes, and a spicy chicken/potato baked casserole... without burning the house down! I have really made a conscious effort to start eating less, and watching what I eat more. I've also gotten a bit active and have been playing tennis with my best friend! Can I just tell you guys how much I love tennis!?! We usually play late at night (around 8-9) and we just have a blast the entire time. Whenever I get tired we both lay on the court together and look at the stars. Isn't it amazing that I have a best friend who's not afraid to lay down with me where ever/whenever I need to? She is so awesome- I just love her to death.

So as far as I know, I'm doing good, and I'm planning on starting taking photos of my meals to post on instagram (or save in a private file to the blog on WIW) to help me keep on track! What do you guys think? xx!


Leopard Romantic

OUTFIT DETAILS: GoodWill leopard dress, Ross belt, Payless moccasins, Gifted gold earrings, necklace, and bracelet from Josh♥
Can I just take a moment to remind you guys just how much I am in love with the romance novel romantic man in my life? Well, I will. I came home the other day to find Josh had bought me Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume (I've been wanting it since the day it came out!) No special occasion, he just wanted to surprise me. Little sweet surprises like that remind me just why I fell in love with him in the first place. Not only that, but today while taking pictures, he found this lovely pink lycoris aurea (yep, totally googled the name of it for an hour) standing alone in the middle of our field. He picked it, brought it to me, put it in my hair and just smiled at me. I love that I captured him walking to me with the flower.. I am going to melt every time I see these photos from now on! ♥


Sheer Delight

OUTFIT DETAILS: JCPenney Olsenboye Dress, Ross belt, Thrifted sheer skirt, Payless moccassins, Gifted gold bracelet from my love.
I know that these photos aren't the best (my neighbors house is just so adorable peeping around in the background, right??), but I couldn't help but to rush outside right before dark and take photos of my outfit. The sun was going down and I wanted you to be able to see the light shining through my skirt.. but the sun had already set by the time I got outside. Atleast I had enough light left to catch these few poses and go back indoors for the night.
Georgia is slowly starting to show little signs of fall! The days are getting shorter (obvs), trees are slowly starting to turn, and it is in the 50s-60s at the night. I couldn't be happier or more excited for autumn this year. There are so many things I want to do and explore that I just can't stand it! Haha :). HOPEFULLY I'll actually attend a fall festival this year (atleast one? please?!?) and then we'll go from there ;). Enjoy your weekend dolls! xoxo


Striped Shirts & Lace Skirts

hellolyndsey outfit
OUTFIT DETAILS: GoodWill striped top and lace skirt, Ross brown glitter flats, Thrifted belt.
Hello dolls! The votes are in from this survey and I couldn't be happier! The winning votes: More outfits, more DIYs, and more Daily Life/Josh/Niyah! After tallying up the votes, I made a blogging schedule and planned some amazing new features coming to the blog. Oh, and somehow I miraculously talked Josh into taking my outfit photos from now on (it might be because I bribed him with Niyah's cuteness, and maybe saying something along the lines of "I can't take cute outfit photos without a hunk photographer to get me motivated.." *insert red lipped kissy/smoochy face* {hence the kiss on his cheek photo} !!) Can any guy resist a lady when donning red lips?! No, I think not ;).
hellolyndsey outfitNiyahJosh and Niyah
I'm absolutely in LURV with my new white lace skirt. I found it at GoodWill a week or two ago and just now realized it's Banana Republic, which totally makes sense why it's the best thing ever. Obviously I haven't worn this skirt for three days in a row, because, ya know, normal people don't do that. What?
hellolyndsey outfit
JoshNiyahhellolyndsey flats


Blog Improvement

Hey y'all!
Okay, so recently I've been thinking (shocking, I know!) about the content of Hellolyndsey and how I can improve it overall. I feel that my blog is missing something. I don't feel that it is "me" so much.. and besides that, I want to create more ways to involve you! So, I decided to make a survey thing in order to know what you guys want to see more of on Hellolyndsey. Hopefully this will be a new positive turn for my blog and I'm hoping this will help us out a ton (both you and I!) to making my blog more enjoyable and personal. Any tips to blogging would be super helpful (and yes, positive criticism is always appreciated.) Thank you for reading and taking the time to visit- it always means a million to me♥

What would you like to see more of on hellolyndsey?
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Weigh In Wednesday

Beware: this post is basically nagging and being irritated with my inability to properly grocery shop and cook basic food.

I have drastically fallen off of the bandwagon again. I had to let my gym membership run out (once again) because of the expense, and I have just been eating total crap lately. I have been trying to work out at home some now by doing some exercises that involve laying down. I know that I'll get the hang of a healthy life again, I'm so ready to, but it's just so hard sometimes. It seems like you have to have a good bit of money just to eat healthy.. while junk food is just so cheap.

I know most people say "You spend more money eating fast food than you do at home".. but when we go out and buy groceries weekly and it turns out to be $150-$280.. that's not cheap to us. Plus, everything is eaten up or goes rotten in a week and I never have that "one" ingredient that a recipe calls for. I don't understand. Maybe we don't grocery shop right? There is so much that I need to learn about cooking/meal planning. My mom and grandma have always worked 12 hour work shifts when I was younger (even in my teens and even now they still do) and they never could find the time to teach me how to cook. I can say that I can cook maybe 6 things off the top of my head, and that would be chicken, casseroles, baked meals, and pasta. All of that I can easily say was self taught. Plus the fact that I can't cook over 30 minutes without my P.O.T.S flaring up just sucks.

I'm aggravated, frustrated, and depressed, but I'm still determined.


DIY: Glitter Dipped Flats

DIY glitter dipped
As you all may know, I only post cheap and easy DIYs that anyone 6 and up could achieve. This is possibly one of the easiest DIYs I have featured on the blog so far! I never have the time to go shopping for new shoes (bummer, I know) but I decided hey, why can't I add some glam to some of my old faves?! Then tada.. these babies were born... redone. Prettified! You get the point. :)
DIY glitter dipped
Supplies needed: (Y'all know you adore that size 10 sticker staring you in the face)
Pair of leather flats
Glitter of your choice
Elmer's Glue
Fan paint brush (or any paint brush will do!)
Coffee Filter (for catching glitter)
Optional: Modge Podge for top coat. I used clear coat acrylic!

Step 1. Apply a generous amount of glue in a circular motion along the top of your flats.
DIY glitter dipped

Step 2. Spread the glue over the entire area you want covered with glitter. Be careful not to get the glue anywhere around the area you are aiming for the glitter look, unless you want a glittery/sticky mess on the rest of your shoe ;). DIY glitter dipped

Step 3. GLITTER TIME!! I used a coffee filter to catch the glitter in. (SERIOUSLY BEST IDEA EVER.) Why hadn't I thought of this before instead of regular paper?!
DIY glitter dipped

Step 4. (Not pictured because I had to do this outside the day after :P) Apply a top coat of clear coat acrylic or Modge Podge.

All done!
DIY glitter dipped
DIY glitter dipped