Scenes From Around The Home

Hello dolls!
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I've been a lazy daisy (funny I should say that since I have 5 kinds on my porch that I haven't photographed yet!) lately! I am soaking in spring as much as I possibly can at this point. I think I am beginning to hoard flowers. I am not kidding. I am literally surrounded in flowers when I walk outside onto my front porch! Maybe I'm getting a little green thumb (or just spring fever!) My Mawmaw has been helping me understand how to nurture and take care of flowers (they're really not hard work at all! which shocked me..) Low maintenance AND they're pretty to look at/enjoy?! Um, yes please! Anyways, these are some photos around the house day before yesterday of our beautiful blooms all over the place.
Tumbling Rose
Petunias, Dusty Miller
Marigolds Hanging Basket, Petunia Hanging Basket
Gerber Daisy
French Marigold
Tumbling Rose
Rose Bud
English Daisies
Types of flowers photographed:
Marigolds, Impatiens, Petunias, Dusty Miller, Gerber Daisies, English Daisies, French Marigolds, Coleus, and Running Rose Vine.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
"Only a risen Son can save a dying world."

P.s - Thank you so much for your sweet comments and tweets on my last post! I figured I'd get slammed for cutting my hair myself (even though whenever my hair is changed the tiniest bit, you can count on the fact that I did it myself! Except for the lightening stages it always does around early spring/summer??)


  1. good luck to you keeping up with all those flowers, haha. i'm such a bad gardener/waterer(?)... but it's all very pretty! :D

  2. great images! I love flowers!

  3. Oh wow....you are so much farther ahead of the game than me on this one. I wish I had beautiful flowers like this around my house! My hubs and I were talking about landscaping this summer but we have so many dear that flowers like this would be impossible to keep. They would surely eat them all and I don't have enough porch space for hanging pots...well maybe one. Goodness I need to get on the ball! These photos are beautiful and so are all your flowers:)

  4. Heeyy!

    Wow, I haven't been here on your blog for a while and now i see you cut your hair! What a pity, it was so long and pretty! But the new shorter style also suits you and I think it's even better for the warm days that are ahead ;)
    I can also totally relate to your love for flowers now that spring has sprung, it's th same with me. I want much more flowers and balcony decorations since the weather has gotten better :)

  5. Beautiful! And I love the dream catcher splashed in there...looks so magical.

  6. All your flowers are so pretty! I wish I had a yard at school because I want a garden so badly.


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