Collars & Navy Dots

OUTFIT DETAILS: Thrifted sheer brown top and navy skirt, Ross flats and belt, Gifted gold bracelet from my love, Gifted gold diamond ring from Josh's mom, Flea Market flower ring.
Hello dolls! I absolutely love how these photos turned out because this outfit is one of my new favorites! The top is so lightweight (perfect for spring.. yay!) and the collar is totally the best part to me by far. It makes me feel like I'm Shakespeare or some fancy pants lady from the 1800s. Yep, I'm just that detailed about who I feel like when I get dressed. I'm sure I'll be wearing this skirt with everything all spring, because for some odd reason I have become hugely addicted to navy. Seriously! Now I can successfully look like a plump blueberry. Oy.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! Definitely an elegant, gorgeous Shakespearian woman from the 1800s, but so very modern as well. The top is such a beautiful, unique piece and polka dots are the sweetest, aren't they? That skirt will be so versatile for spring and summer as you can pair almost any color with navy. Loving how you are adding some scenery shots in with your posts...Georgia looks amazing this time of year! xx Marisa

  2. I'm also wearing a thrifted navy polka dot skirt on my blog today! I think the navy and brown look great together.

  3. This really is a lovely outfit - I can tell why it's a new favorite. I love how ladylike and proper it feels. The color palette is wonderful! And the cute kitten only adds to the already adorableness of these photos. :)

    Callie @ www.coffeeandcardigans.com

  4. I love this outfit so much! So cute! <3

  5. i love navy and brown mixed together - and these all go together wonderfully! everything is so pretty - including your weather and spring time blooms! i'm still sitting in 30 degree weather half the time. that skirt is really great on you - it's a good length and cut!

  6. I'm addicted to navy blue too. And there's something so nice about navy blue with polka dots. I love your skirt!


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