JCPenney Jean Remix

Hello dolls! As you all may have noticed, I wear these JCPenney ripped jeans ALOT. They're my absolute favorite pair of jeans (so comfy and stylish!) I've had them for over a year now and they have definitely had their share of wearing. I'm just posting this to show you guys just how many times I've worn them and restyled them here on the blog! xo
earthy stripessequins and leavesshake it outhappy octobermustard fallnever let me goto know him is to love himif it hadn't been for loveraining blues
1. Earthy Stripes 2.Sequuins & Leaves 3.Shake It Out 4.Happy October 5.Mustard Fall 6.Never Let Me Go 7.To Know Him Is To Love Him 8.If It Hadn't Been For Love 9.Raining Blues


  1. Hey girl!! I have those exact same pants and they are absolutely my favorite... only problem is... they have gotten to big recently and I'm so sad because JCpenny doesn't have them anymore. =[ love your blog!!


  2. I love how you can style a good pair of jeans in so many ways once you're found it! Denim is so versatile and always chic! All these different looks are so cool, I especially love the one with the plaid shirt and the one with the ethno scarf! :)

  3. Hey!! looking good. Really the jeans were good looking.

  4. I don't know anyone who makes jeans look more lovely and chic than you do!!! I still struggle with working my jeans into a decent looking outfit. You are always radiant darling!! Hope you had a beautiful Christmas and very best wishes in the year to come:) xx Marisa

  5. You look amazing in everything :) My favorite is the 7th
    Happy new year!


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