September Spotlight: Reasons To Celebrate


Hello dolls! Meet the lovely Mackenzie of the stylish blog, Reasons To Celebrate! Enjoy this lovely in depth interview to learn all about this gal!

Hellolyndsey: Where did you grow up?
Mackenzie: I grew up in a college town in Iowa.

Hellolyndsey: How would you define your style?
Mackenzie: I have a hard time defining my style because I'm always trying new things! I love wearing vintage dresses, classic silhouettes, girly things, and nautical outfits.I don't follow all new trends, but I'm always interested in trying something new with my style. One day I'll be in a frilly dress, and the next I'll be wearing a biker jacket!

Hellolyndsey: Would you say that the people in your area influenced your style?
Mackenzie: Growing up in Iowa wasn't always the most inspiring. When I went to college I studied Textiles and Apparel, so I became much more aware of fashion trends. I eventually found a group of friends who are really creative and fashionable ladies who constantly inspire me. They all love vintage fashion and handmade items just like me.

Hellolyndsey: What made you start blogging?
Mackenzie: I started blogging after reading many of the "big" fashion blogs for over a year. I was always inspired by them, but was too scared to try it myself. My boyfriend knew I wanted to try blogging and sharing my style, so he really encouraged me. My blog has also become a great way to keep up with friend and family at home, since I recently moved across the country.

HL: Who/What is your inspiration?
M: I'm constantly inspired by other bloggers, especially thrifty ones. I use the website Pinterest almost daily to see new ideas for fashion, cooking, and crafts.

HL: Where do you shop/find your lovely clothes?
M: A good portion of my wardrobe was bought at thrift stores. Other than that, I like Target, F21, H&M, and making clothes for myself!

HL: What does your dream closet consist of?
M: Every color of tights!

HL: What is the best part about getting dressed to you every day?
M: I love a game, so it's fun to challenge myself to come up with new combinations for my outfits. Even if I don't have big plans for the day, I still want to get dressed up. When I look my best, I'm a little more confident.

HL: If you could go anywhere in the world, where and why?
M: I'm not much of a traveler, but I'd love to go to the beach.

HL: Any fashion advice?
M: Umm, I guess my advice is to wear what you feel best in! If your wearing something you're not comfortable in, it will show. Confidence is the best accessory, hah!

Such a lovely gal! Make sure to stop by and visit her blog, Reasons To Celebrate!


  1. Oh, I absolutly adore her style! It is the perfe4ct mix of feminine and whimsical. I especially love the little sailor number. xx

  2. I've never seen her blog before, but oh is she lovely! What a great post :) I love all the outfit pictures your posted of her, so cute, and inspiring!


  3. Wow...I am loving everything about this girl right now. Heading over to check out her blog. Each and every one of her outfits is whimsy perfection. I have the same sailor dress and I would never thought to wear it like that. Lovely feature Lyndsey!!

  4. She is too cute! Going to check out her blog now!

    Goodwill Huntingg

  5. great interview, love the looks and her fabulous style x

  6. I love her style! It is so pretty, yet a little punk is in there, love!

  7. I love her blog and am now following it! thanks for sharing xx


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