Feeling Trendy

Hello dolls! One of my lovely sponsors, Misikko, sent me some awesome feather hair extensions that I am absolutely in love with! I have been seeing feather hair extensions for quite some time now and I have just raved over how much I love them.

Anyways, these extensions are so amazing and cute! They're so bright and colorful, they're soft and they feel soooooo real. I put them in my hair by watching a tutorial on Youtube (because when it comes to hair and beauty I'm clueless and I don't know how to do things unless someone shows me first). I've had them in for hours and they are definitely not going anywhere! I even used my curling iron on the lowest setting and a bit of hair spray to style them, I was so happy when they didn't melt lol! You can view their great variety of colors here.

If you guys are looking for a great pair of extensions, don't hesitate to get them from Misikko! Grab some up before they're gone!

PS - Outfit photos will be uploaded tomorrow (once I figure out how to style this loose denim shirt)


  1. AHHHH! You look beautiful! And I've been wanting feather extensions for a while, but my hair is still too short and I think they would look totally weird on me :P who knows? maybe when my hair grows a bit longer!

  2. Love it! I have a blue extension in my hair at the moment!

  3. They look fabulous on you! I totally just got a straightener from Misikko, I've still yet to create my video/article about them. Great look.

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