I Hope You See Right Through My Walls

Arms - Christina Perri
Hello dolls! Another beautiful summer day :). About 3 or 4 months ago my mom found this isaac mizrahi dress at a thrift store for $10!!! I almost passed out when she called me and said she had found this steal. Can you say amazing? I was freaking out. BUT..this dress kind of has the same story as my ruffle dress. Loved the way it looked on the hanger, hated the way it looked on me- I couldn't style it at all. It's very short, sheer, shapeless, and not stretchy ONE BIT. I had convinced myself that this dress was just not made for me. That is... until Josh came along and helped me style it! He suggested that I wear these brown boots with it and I accented it with this brown belt. I think this is such an adorable outfit now, and I'll definitely be asking him to help me style things alot more as well! :) Don't you love it when your guy knows about style? **Sigh** :)

outfit details: Thrifted Isaac Mizrahi ivory dress, Walmart boots, random jewellery, gifted gold bracelet from my love


  1. You are fabulous!!! LOVE the brown with the cream:) Beautiful miss Lyndsey!

  2. How cute that Josh helped you style this lovely dress! I wish my boy was more interested in fahsion.
    Anyways, you look wonderful! I love the brown wccents with the bright white! And your smile makes it shine even more :)

  3. I love these colors together! brown and white will forever be one of my favorite color combinations.

    I live in Atlanta, as well! whereabouts do you live?

    xo, kelseylee of peachy dreams.


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