The Beast You Made In Me

Title comes from this song

Hey dolls! I'm so sorry I have been neglecting my blog so much lately. I feel as if I am overloaded these days! BUT I have exciting news to share with you guys. EEE!

Okay. #1. This coming January, I WILL HAVE A JOB. NO LIE! I partnered up with my best friend, Chris, of CEH Productions. So it's like "CEH Productions featuring LY Photography" or whatever I'm going to decide to call my division. You guys have to come up with cute names for my photography business! (The photos I take of myself aren't that fantastic, but if you guys would like to see some of my work then visit my gallery here. But anyways, I am head of the photography division and co-founder of the business. Which means I'm "boss lady", ha!!! What CEH is is we book parties, plan events, cater, dj, etc etc. My job is to book and set up photography sessions for Christmas, parties, engagement, holiday, etc. We also have group get together and go to up coming fashion events, and book sessions for them as well! COULD I BE ANY MORE EXCITED?! I THINK NOT.

Okay. #2. I can wear mediums!!! Yayyyy. Still haven't reached my goal but I am SO close you guys!

#3. CHRISTMAS IS COMING :D!!!!! I've already decorated a tree out at my grandparents, can't wait to put up all three of ours in our house! :D

#4. I'm content :)

#5. ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS!!! :)))))

Outfit details: Ross leather jacket, thrifted glitter sweater, Jc Penney ripped jeans, Walmart Boots, Claire's accessories, Gifted Bike necklace from alex :)


  1. Reading this made me so excited for you! Gosh-- what an opportunity!

    I went over to your gallery online and I am in awe-- I knew you had talent, but just WOW.

    I'm so proud of you! In a noncreepy, online sort of way! :) :)

    And I really love this self portrait!

  2. I'm so happy for all of your news!! awesome job and you look gorgeous, way to go tiger!

    and yeaaaay christmas!

  3. First of, you look fierce! And then yay for all the amazing stuff that is happening lovely! I'm so proud of/happy for you!! I'm now headed to look at what you can do with a camera (which im sure is amazing things!) xxxx

  4. Aw! I'm so excited for you! Love your outfit! :D

  5. Oh my goodness!! That is all such awesome news.

    That barely sounds like work, just like fun stuff you do and get paid for. :P

    I'm very happy for you, it's great to see things in your life picking up and getting good! :)


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