Pumpkin Flower Tutorial

You will need:
1 pumpkin
a sharp knife
a power drill
a scooper spoon
a pen or marker
a candle
a towel
a lighter

Step 1:
Start by taking a pen or marker and begin drawing small flowers on your pumpkin. One large circle for the center and smaller circles surrounding it.

Step 2:
Take your drill and apply light pressure to the pumpkin to drill. Make sure you feel the drill puncture all the way through the pumpkin. Continue the process all over.

(Don't worry! The pen marks will wash off easily!) :)
Step 3:
Take your knife and begin cutting the lid. It doesn't have to be perfect! Be sure to be careful not to stab yourself doing this, pumpkins are tough! Pull up gently on the lid and it should make a cracking noise. Don't do it too hard because it could split it!

Step 4:
Take your scooping spoon and gut the pumpkin. If you are grossed out by pumpkin guts, just think of it as an endless bowl of melted string cheese ;P.

Step 5:
Grab your candle, toothpicks, and lighter. Place the toothpicks in the bottom of the candle and push it down into the pumpkin. This will hold your candle in place in the pumpkin :).

Step 6:
Take your lighter and light up the candle!! Place the lid back on top and whala! A flowerful pumpkin. :)

(Don't worry! The pen marks will wash off easily!) :) I forgot to take pictures after I did that lol.



  1. Very cool! My wife said it was delicate too! Hah, reminds me that I can't wait for Halloween. :)

  2. So pretty! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Looks nice, thanks for sharing!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. this is such a lovely idea. ive never known anyone use power tools on a pumpkin! now that is effort! love it! x


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