Chopped off about 5 inches of my hair last night! I got super spontaneous late last night (around 3 A.M) and decided I wanted a new cut. Lately I have wanted straight bangs more than ever; I finally got em! What's your take? Hate em or love em? I've been cutting my own hair since I was about 12, so I have a lot of practice and experience! Not to mention my mom used to be a cosmetologist, so I learned a lot from her :). Speaking of momma-- she was my lovely photographer today (I kind of bossed her around a bit. It was a 'do what I tell you' situation.. haha!). Hands up for a great job Momma!

Man I just can't get the hang of jumping photos :(!

Black Lace Flower Shirt- Jc Penney
Skinny Jeans- Jc Penney
Black Suede Vest- Jc Penney
Purple Gladiators- Payless

P.s- I wore my new zebra heels today when i went shopping and they are SO comfy! I had to change out of them when I got back home because I didn't want to get them muddy while visiting my grandparents :(.



  1. Love the bangs! You remind me of Alexis Bledel so much now!

  2. Doll face- you look amazing with that new 'do!! I absolutely love the bangs on you! A-freaking-dorable!! Also, you are looking super skinny!!!! :) xo- karrie

  3. Your hair looks super sweet!
    I am thinking about a new haircut for myself too.

  4. Love the look and the amazing new hair! I can't believe that after choping off 5 inches your hair is still soo long!

  5. can't believe you cut it yourself, your new hair do looks so amazing!!!it fits you so so well!! ;)

  6. Girl you look FABULOUS! I LOVE bangs on you:) Great job!

  7. My favorite part was the high school musical jump photo :D

  8. love the reddish tinge to these photos :) makes your hair look so cool, and kudos to you for cutting your own hair too! That's awesome!

  9. Oh my goodness!!! I just came to your blog for the first time in a couple months. You look freakin FABULOUS! How much have you lost??? Keep it up! You're such an inspiration :)


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