Our Honeymoon in Ellijay

Hello dolls! Josh and I just got back from our 4 day honeymoon to the Ellijay/Blue Ridge mountains. No, we're not married just yet! So why did we honeymoon before our wedding? Well, I have three reasons why, but I'll just give you one. Thanksgiving/Black Friday is the week after our wedding- we didn't want to be away from our families! Plus we wanted to see the leaves.

We were offered to take full advantage of my cousin's cabin on the river, which was a total dream/blessing. The cabin was 12 miles off of a two lane road, nestled in the seclusion of the woods, wrapped by tall mountains. The drive to and from the cabin had me in total awe. There were beautiful streams, tall mountains (like the kind if you drove off the side you'd die haha), and all kinds of wild animals we spotted each time. In total we saw a (tiny!!!) grey baby fox, 2 bucks, numerous doe, a beaver, ducks, and geese. We grilled, fished from the deck, snuggled together on the couch and watched movies with hot chocolate. This was the dream of a perfect honeymoon. I couldn't see any other vacation I'll ever take being as good as this one. It was my first time going on vacation without my mom, and although I was nervous at first, it has to be the most relaxing vacation I've ever been on in my life. Everything just felt right in the world. A feeling so deep inside of me that proved to me that I'd never felt this way with anyone else before. Fully completed by someone else. It was like God was assuring me I'm making the right choice by marrying Josh. No uncertainty or questioning. Just unconditional love. It's the love I've always dreamed of.
I'm SO glad we went when we did. The leaves were at their peak, exploding with bright oranges, neon yellows, and hot reds. It was absolutely breathtaking there. I think I took a total of 400 pictures. I took pictures of eeeevvverryyythinggg lol. I wanted to remember each and every moment of this trip. I just cant get over how beautiful it was. The mountains were bright orange and you could see every single different type of tree on the mountainside. I think it must have overloaded my camera, because after seeing all of this in real life, the pictures don't do the colors justice. Like, seriously y'all. I'm actually kind of upset that they seem so dull compared to the real thing. Do you think it's just me acting crazy or maybe the saturation on my camera is off?


J&L Engagement Photos

Hello dolls! Josh and I are headed out on a 4 day vacation, staying in a cabin up in the Blue Ridge Mountains! While we are away, I figured I'd share our beautiful engagement photos. We had been searching for a location to take them for the longest time, but never could find anywhere to have them done. The last Sunday in September, my extended family was having a huge reunion in south Georgia, where my cousin owns land filled with fields, lakes, and clay pits. It was the perfect place to have our photos done (esp since all my family would be there + great food!)

These photos were taken by us with the help of my mom. I adjusted all the settings on my DSLR for her and then directed my mom on the angles and somehow me managed to make it work! I couldn't believe how perfect these photos came out, considering my mom has never used a digital camera before, much less a DSLR haha. The weather predicted heavy rain and thunderstorms, but we were blessed with sprinkling and heavy overcast. It literally was such a perfect day to take photos. Overcast is everything to a photographer.. lol!

I never thought about showing much PDA before, but even though it was a bit odd and uncomfortable for us, we managed to make each other relax and ended up with great photos. We never knew what pose to do, so we just did what we felt was natural. At least this warmed us up a little on knowing what to expect with our wedding photographer.

PS- If you look closely in the photos, you can see the rain falling on us, plus rain drops on our clothes! I love the rain, so this was like a dream. Only problem is my hair turned into a total disaster halfway through. Ugh, those separated/curly bangs. All in all the day was perfect and I will forever cherish these photos. XO

Ross burnt orange dress
Payless leather boots
JCPenney antique gold cluster necklace & hoop earrings (years ago)
JCPenney crochet belt (years ago)

Ross button up
Belk jeans & belt
Shoe Show US Polo boots


Matte Foundation Face Off: Revlon Colorstay vs Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Hello dolls! With the wedding coming soon, I've been searching all kinds of makeup tutorials for the best "mess proof" bridal makeup possible. I'm not normally a foundation kind of girl- my safe zone is either BB cream or no foundation at all, so I was just fine with wearing my Covergirl BB Cream for my wedding day. Come to find out, most foundations (especially BB creams) have some sort of SPF in them, which causes extreme shine in flash photos. I don't know about you, but a shiny, porcelain, dark haired physique reminds me a little too much of Twilight. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge twilight fan, but I really would rather not shine like a Cullen on my big day. ;)

My mission was to find a shine free, powerhouse, I-ain't-budging-no-matter-how-much-you-sweat foundation. Because when I get nervous, I get sweaty. Like, grossly sweaty. On top of that, I have dry, eczema prone skin that cracks and burns easily if I use dry makeup, but becomes oily if I sweat under moisturizing foundation. I had to find a foundation that somehow miraculously wouldn't dry out my skin even worse, but wouldn't oil me up like a big slice of bacon. I searched Amazon and Youtube for days and found two matte foundations that have rave reviews. I am here to show proof of just how awesome these two actually are, plus which one I am picking for my wedding day. Enjoy! XO