Fierce and Fabulous

hellolyndsey outfit
OUTFIT DETAILS: Ross leopard print top, Ross jeans, Payless gold glitter flats, Thrifted leather coat, Overstock (gift) 10k gold victorian style ring, Kenneth Cole Reaction Sunglasses, Handmade crochet scarf by me. 
Hello dolls! I have no idea why I keep picking the windiest days to take outfit photos haha. Good thing I have this coat- it's the perfect stylish windbreaker! Also, can we please talk about the love affair I have with my new jeans?! FINALLY- the perfect jeans for a 5'11 tall, curvy girl. It only took 23 years to find them. I seriously want 478190 pairs of these jeans. I LOVE THEMMM.

PS- I'm not wearing these sunglasses to be cool- I'm wearing them to hide my freakishly large stye on my left eye hahah :P. You can assure that I'll be returning to my Treating Chronic Styes post to take my own tips! But there's just something about wearing leopard print, lipstick, and sunglasses that makes you feel fierce and fabulous, even when you secretly look like dookie ;).
hellolyndsey outfit
hellolyndsey outfit
hellolyndsey outfit
hellolyndsey outfit
I just recently finished crocheting this scarf and I am SO proud of myself and how good it looks! It took me around 4 days (+ 3 Christmas movies/snacks/episodes of Vampire Diaries) to make it. I think this is the best scarf I've made so far. I think if I keep practicing that maybe someday they'll be good enough to give as gifts that my family/friends will actually want to wear.. haha. Someday!


DIY Dried Petal Keepsake Ornament

Hello dolls! This is probably going to be one of the easiest and most meaningful DIY tutorials I'm going to feature on my blog. I wanted a way to keep my bouquet forever without drying it and keeping it in a vase sitting around to get dusty. Keeping the petals in clear glass ornaments is SO special and chic. Plus you can keep them up year around without worrying about a bug infestation or dust ruining the color. What makes it so special is you could do this for any occasion, not just weddings! Birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, baby flowers, mothers day flowers, or if you're like me, keeping your first successfully homegrown flowers! (hello, dried peony petals!)
Fresh flowers of all kinds (I used Roses, Carnations, StarGazer Lilies, Chrysanthemum, Stock, Snapdragons, Alstroemeria, and Daisies)
Glass ornaments (I bought mine from Michaels)
Wood surface (I used a bamboo cutting board)

Step 1: Pick fresh flowers in their prime. Wilted petals will work also, but they turn brown very easily. White petals are almost impossible to dry and keep white, so make sure to pick the most vivid in color. (Easiest colors to dry are dark colors such as reds, hot pink, purples, and greens.)

Step 2: Pop the bloom off of the stem and remove any surrounding leaves. Gently pull at the base of each petal to remove from the stem. Discard stamens/centers/brown petals/stems.

Step 3: Line up petals in individual rows on a flat surface to dry. I used a bamboo cutting board because I figured the wood would soak up the moisture faster making them dry faster. Make sure the petals are not touching. Let them air out for a week.

IMG_2661Step 4 Check the petals to see if they are dry enough, but still a tiny bit moist. The petals should still be somewhat flexible and not crumbling. You don't want the petals too dry because they still need to be somewhat flexible to fit into the ornament.

Step 5: Gently stuff each individual petal into the ornament and fill it to the top! Lightly shake the ornament while stuffing to evenly spread out petal types.

Step 6: Leave the ornament cap off for another week so the petals can fully dry within the ornament.

Step 7: Place cap on ornament and enjoy!

*Optional*: You can take a metallic paint pen and write the date on the outside to keep these memories publicly displayed. The ornament I wrote on were petals specifically dried from my bouquet alone. THe other 3 ornaments are flowers from my MOH's bouquet and all the centerpieces. I took them and hung them on a small jewelry tree I purchased a while back at Marshalls that I never found the perfect way to display until now.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! XO


Christmas Tree Picking

hellolyndsey outfit
{{OUTFIT DETAILS: Ross lace dress, Walmart brown tights, Shoe Show brown leather boots, Claires butterfly scarf, Target earrings, Thrifted leopard trench coat}}

Hello dolls! This past Friday, Josh and I went and picked out our Christmas tree! It's our first year of picking a live tree as husband and wife and it feels so wonderful. It's actually smelling up the entire living room right now.. ahh! It definitely is the most wonderful time of the year :).
hellolyndsey outfit
hellolyndsey outfithellolyndsey outfit
I've never been a fan of white clothing on me at all (if you couldn't tell.. I didn't even wear white on my wedding day.. lol!) but I like this dress because it made me think of snow. That was the closest I could get to dressing for the occasion! I really wish I had a dress that had some sort of Christmasy print on it, like reindeer or snowflakes or heck, even Christmas trees! I'll have to scrounge some thrift stores to see if I can find some holiday inspired clothing soon.. :).


Turkey Feathers On My Dress

hellolyndsey thanksgiving outfit
{OUTFIT DETAILS: Ross feather dress, Walmart brown leggings, Shoe Show brown boots, Claires sequin scarf, Thrifted vintage leather trench coat, Goodwill Belt}

Hello dolls and happy (belated) Thanksgiving! I hope y'all enjoyed a big fat meal with your families like we did- first Thanksgiving officially as husband and wife! ♥♥. My family didn't have any kind of dinner this year because my mom and my mawmaw cooked everything we ate at the wedding, so they were too tired to make a dinner for Thanksgiving too. So Josh's mom held a dinner and had us a big ole' fried turkey with lots of amazing homemade goodies!

Is it just me or does my dress scream *turkey feathers*!? As soon as I saw this dress in Ross, I said, "hmm, this would be a perfect Thanksgiving dress!" ;D Also, my scarf actually has sequins on it, but it was almost impossible to photograph them! I got it from Claires in Savannah- basically my favorite accessories store ever (even though the only girls I see in there are like.. 12..haha)!
hellolyndsey thanksgiving outfit
hellolyndsey thanksgiving outfit
hellolyndsey thanksgiving outfit
I took these photos right when the wind started gusting at 20 mph and the temperature had dropped to 30 degrees!! My eyes were watering, my nose was running, and I was freezing! I took these in between our house and our wood fence, so basically it was like a breezeway of freezing cold wind. I ended up taking around 200 photos just trying to adjust myself between each shot. That's what the photo is above- me throwing my coat back on while the wind was going nuts! But I actually liked that photo;). Oh the things I do for this blog.. haha! XOXO


Mountain Adventurer

ellijay honeymoon
{OUTFIT DETAILS: Ross black lace dress, Walmart black leggings, Shoe Show leather boots, Ross black belt, Thrifted cardigan, Kroger earrings)
These photos are from our honeymoon in Ellijay along the road/river that led to our cabin. The scenery was so gorgeous that Josh offered to stop and take outfit photos for me.. (definitely married the right guy)! My outfits were more comfortable than cute because I was bloated. I got this dress from Ross many months ago, but I've worn it only a handful of times because it's a bit too short. It's the softest/stretchiest lace I've ever felt and I love it. Now that cold weather has come again, I'm finally able to throw on some leggings with it and go. It's such a pretty go-to dress these days.
ellijay honeymoon
ellijay honeymoon
ellijay honeymoon
ellijay honeymoon
ellijay honeymoon
ellijay honeymoon
Just as we were leaving this spot, we spotted some deer casually grazing in front of a home. We rolled the windows down and snapped a few photos of them, but this one was my favorite. I think it's so cute how deer are obviously curious about everything.