My 2014 Halloween Costume Choices!

Hello dolls! Are y'all excited for Halloween? I get excited for it every year, but I think this year I'm kinda like "omg the wedding is so close" lol. A few days ago I was invited to a Halloween party- so thankfully I have something else to focus on other than the wedding. This year I'm all about spooky/beauty. I'm totally going for a creepy, yet beautiful creature. Help me decide on what to wear! These are my top choices..
Queen of Darkness

I came up with this idea by thinking of a few shows that I've watched where the people are overcome by darkness. Kind of like that scene on Witches of East End where Ingrid's fingers start turning black after she resurrects the dead (which is apparently a no-no even to witches), or whenever Willow (from Buffy) turns dark and used her powers for evil, she started getting black veins and solid black eyes? (that used to make me cry when I was younger haha). That's the look/theme I'd be going for if I chose this costume! I would do my makeup as if I were being overcome by darkness or a black virus.. hence the black gradient fingers and black jagged crowns. Totally creepy, yet beautiful!


Kind of along the same concept as the last, the only thing I'd alter with this costume is fangs of course, but I'd also add hints of red and no black veins. This costume is actually an option to go as a couple with Josh. I love the idea of dressing up like I've been bitten by vampire Josh (lol) and now I am forever his vampiress.. ;). Romantic AND creepy? So good.

Keeper of The Stars

This one isn't creepy at all, but I would do have to admit that being the keeper of the stars is such a whimsical idea to me! Normally I always have a back up plan to choose last minute, just in case I don't have any other options. I'd wear some sort of glitter star crown and have a star staff (how cool is that!?) I'd love to look just like the victorian lady in the photo. Also, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find images of people with star dresses or star related things for me to make this collage.. haha!

So, which one would you pick?? XO!


Wild Sparkle

hellolyndsey outfit
black dress
Ross leopard button up
Claire's pearl necklace
Payless gold glitter flats
Hello dolls! Man, it was hot as crap this past week :/, but thankfully the cooler temps are back and finally starting to settle in. I'm seriously determined to have more outfit posts up here because if you didn't know already- I love me some cool weather! During all Summer months I can't get myself to dress anywhere near stylish- hence the lack of outfit posts haha.

This dress might actually be my "LBD". I've styled it so many ways and totally loved them all. I'm amature at remixing clothes (yes, even though I've been a style blogger for 5 years) but I'm making progress! My fav style is a tied button up with some bangin' accessories. Every outfit should have bangin' accessories. ;)
hellolyndsey outfithellolyndsey outfit
hellolyndsey outfit
I do have to admit that I have been kinda in the dumps about my weight again, especially with the wedding coming up. I feel like I maybe should've done some crazy crash diet, thinking maybe if I had lost 10 lbs I would feel better about myself, even though I know that isn't true. It's a daily struggle to battle those self conscious thoughts. What's discouraging me the most is the scale still hasn't budged even though I restarted T25 seven weeks ago. I've lingered between 248-244 pounds for the past 6 months, so I'd definitely call that a plateau lol. All I can think to do now is to keep trying and improve my patience. Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.♥


Our Trip To The Georgia National Fair

Josh and Me
(sorry for grumpy gills in this photo- he hates public photos! ;P)
Hello dolls! We took a trip to the Georgia National Fair (or as we've always called it the "Perry Fair") this past Monday with a couple of friends and had an absolute blast. It was my first time ever going to the Perry fair, so I couldn't have been more giddy about it! It's actually one of the largest fairs we currently have in Georgia. There were clowns on stilts, animal showings, food trucks, outdoor concerts, rides, games, well basically everything that you could think of that would be at a fair was there haha. This fair is by far the biggest one I've been to, so it was definitely a surprise to see just how big it actually was!
Sky swingsJosh basketball
Strawberry Lyndsey & Terasilly Josh & Will
stinger ride
Sadly they didn't have any cotton candy spinners (but there were a million bags of cotton candy hanging everywhere?!) Have ya'll ever been to a fair where they handspun the cotton candy right there infront of you!? I think that is just the coolest thing ever and I really was looking forward to having fresh cotton candy. We decided to improvise by treating myself to my very first funnel cake! It was actually really awesome! I've never been that much into strange sweets (yes, this sweet is strange to me.. haha), but I admit it was pretty tasty. Once I realized it was made from pancake batter (hate pancakes!) I wasn't that into it anymore haha, but I'm still happy that I can finally say I've had an authentic fair funnel cake.
1st funnel cake!Will basketballfood stand
Perry Towerhandcarved GA pumpkin
Right there towards the end, a carnie from a random game booth ran up to me and pushed some darts in my hand while yelling, "Throw these at them balloons and win a prize! First two's on me. Wanna try?" So I decided to play for simple fun. I threw them and popped four balloons with two darts, then he said, "Throw a few more and you'll win a big prize!" So I threw four more darts and he said "Okay! You win a big prize! Pick one hanging from the roof!" I looked through the prizes and saw a huge husky and decided to take it. He shook his head and said, "No no no not that one- I mean one of these!" while pointing at smaller prizes. I picked a limegreen racoon and after he handed it to me, Josh asked him, "How much I owe you?" The man looked at Josh and said, "You owe me 40 bucks." I told Josh the man had lied to me and started to get upset, but Josh gave the man what he had so he wouldn't cause a scene. The man looked at me so mean and said, "I told her it was 5 bucks a dart, she just misunderstood me." I started crying because I was literally so shocked I couldn't comprehend what had just happened. All we could do was just walk away empty handed. We had totally got jipped in broad daylight in front of hundreds of people and it seriously sucked. We immediately left after this incident. What upset me the most about all of it wasn't the fact that we had just lost all our last bit of money we had, but the fact about how dirty he acted about it. A straight up criminal over some stuffed animals. I see no point in people ripping other people off while they're just trying to have fun. What's the sense in that? It's just like stealing candy from a kid in a candy store. It's just wrong.

Other than that we really did have a wonderful time. I just happened to have a lot of "first experiences" that day haha. First visit to that fair, my first ever funnel cake, first time being jipped by a dirty carnie haha. I just hope Georgia is a lot more strict on who they choose to be in the fair next year! I'm not going to let one bad moment ruin my whole experience. Even if I never go back for the games again, I know the food and the music will keep me coming back ;).