Matte Foundation Face Off: Revlon Colorstay vs Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Hello dolls! With the wedding coming soon, I've been searching all kinds of makeup tutorials for the best "mess proof" bridal makeup possible. I'm not normally a foundation kind of girl- my safe zone is either BB cream or no foundation at all, so I was just fine with wearing my Covergirl BB Cream for my wedding day. Come to find out, most foundations (especially BB creams) have some sort of SPF in them, which causes extreme shine in flash photos. I don't know about you, but a shiny, porcelain, dark haired physique reminds me a little too much of Twilight. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge twilight fan, but I really would rather not shine like a Cullen on my big day. ;)

My mission was to find a shine free, powerhouse, I-ain't-budging-no-matter-how-much-you-sweat foundation. Because when I get nervous, I get sweaty. Like, grossly sweaty. On top of that, I have dry, eczema prone skin that cracks and burns easily if I use dry makeup, but becomes oily if I sweat under moisturizing foundation. I had to find a foundation that somehow miraculously wouldn't dry out my skin even worse, but wouldn't oil me up like a big slice of bacon. I searched Amazon and Youtube for days and found two matte foundations that have rave reviews. I am here to show proof of just how awesome these two actually are, plus which one I am picking for my wedding day. Enjoy! XO


My 2014 Halloween Costume Choices!

Hello dolls! Are y'all excited for Halloween? I get excited for it every year, but I think this year I'm kinda like "omg the wedding is so close" lol. A few days ago I was invited to a Halloween party- so thankfully I have something else to focus on other than the wedding. This year I'm all about spooky/beauty. I'm totally going for a creepy, yet beautiful creature. Help me decide on what to wear! These are my top choices..
Queen of Darkness

I came up with this idea by thinking of a few shows that I've watched where the people are overcome by darkness. Kind of like that scene on Witches of East End where Ingrid's fingers start turning black after she resurrects the dead (which is apparently a no-no even to witches), or whenever Willow (from Buffy) turns dark and used her powers for evil, she started getting black veins and solid black eyes? (that used to make me cry when I was younger haha). That's the look/theme I'd be going for if I chose this costume! I would do my makeup as if I were being overcome by darkness or a black virus.. hence the black gradient fingers and black jagged crowns. Totally creepy, yet beautiful!


Kind of along the same concept as the last, the only thing I'd alter with this costume is fangs of course, but I'd also add hints of red and no black veins. This costume is actually an option to go as a couple with Josh. I love the idea of dressing up like I've been bitten by vampire Josh (lol) and now I am forever his vampiress.. ;). Romantic AND creepy? So good.

Keeper of The Stars

This one isn't creepy at all, but I would do have to admit that being the keeper of the stars is such a whimsical idea to me! Normally I always have a back up plan to choose last minute, just in case I don't have any other options. I'd wear some sort of glitter star crown and have a star staff (how cool is that!?) I'd love to look just like the victorian lady in the photo. Also, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find images of people with star dresses or star related things for me to make this collage.. haha!

So, which one would you pick?? XO!


Wild Sparkle

hellolyndsey outfit
black dress
Ross leopard button up
Claire's pearl necklace
Payless gold glitter flats
Hello dolls! Man, it was hot as crap this past week :/, but thankfully the cooler temps are back and finally starting to settle in. I'm seriously determined to have more outfit posts up here because if you didn't know already- I love me some cool weather! During all Summer months I can't get myself to dress anywhere near stylish- hence the lack of outfit posts haha.

This dress might actually be my "LBD". I've styled it so many ways and totally loved them all. I'm amature at remixing clothes (yes, even though I've been a style blogger for 5 years) but I'm making progress! My fav style is a tied button up with some bangin' accessories. Every outfit should have bangin' accessories. ;)
hellolyndsey outfithellolyndsey outfit
hellolyndsey outfit
I do have to admit that I have been kinda in the dumps about my weight again, especially with the wedding coming up. I feel like I maybe should've done some crazy crash diet, thinking maybe if I had lost 10 lbs I would feel better about myself, even though I know that isn't true. It's a daily struggle to battle those self conscious thoughts. What's discouraging me the most is the scale still hasn't budged even though I restarted T25 seven weeks ago. I've lingered between 248-244 pounds for the past 6 months, so I'd definitely call that a plateau lol. All I can think to do now is to keep trying and improve my patience. Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.♥